Lowell Martin Ness

Date of birth: November 1 1940

Date of death: January 31 2019

Lowell Martin NESS, 78, of Salem, Oregon, passed away peacefully at his home after a short illness on Thursday, January 31, 2019 with his loving wife of 46 years by his side.

Lowell was born on Friday, November 1, 1940, in Minot, North Dakota, to parents Wayne and Hazel (Evanger) Ness. He was the eldest of 4 children to bless this family. Three girls would follow; Barbara, Gloria and Shirley.

When Lowell was born, his father had secured a job with the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and was working on the Burlington Dam on the Des Lacs River area in Burlington, North Dakota. Shortly after that the family moved back to Wayne’s home state of Indiana where Barbara was born.

From there they moved to Spokane, Washington where the family would remain for many years and where the last two children, Gloria and Shirley would be born.

After a short stint working for the railroad, his father Wayne became a carpenter like his father was. Lowell’s mom Hazel worked as a cook in a restaurant for many years to help support the family. Between the two of them they provided their children with a beautiful small ranch home complete with horses. Lowell said when he was young, his parents were on the radio in North Dakota with his mom singing and yodeling and his dad playing the guitar to earn extra money. It was a very talented family.

Lowell graduated from Central Valley High School in Veradale, Washington. Two years later he was devastated when his father Wayne died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 41. It was an incredible loss for him. When he married Margaret Nickel of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, he would raise her daughter Deborah as his own. There would be three children born to this union; Lauri, Randy and Ricky, but the marriage wasn’t to last. After 9 years they divorced in Spokane, Washington. The following year, he would meet the love of his life and the person who would make his dreams come true and he would do the same for her. The person he would love every single day for the next 46 years. September 2, 1972, was the day he married Sandra Howland at Greenacres, Washington. They moved to Libby, Montana where they would stay for two years, then moved back to Spokane for another two years. At that time they moved down to Hermiston, Oregon where Sandy would continue working for Portland General Electric Company and Lowell would manage one of the departments in the Howland’s family hardware store. Lowell eventually started working at Portland General Electric also. It was during this time in Hermiston, they purchased a ranch where they raised registered American Paint Horses for 11 years. This was a dream come true for both of them. When they retired about 2005, their adventurous natures persuaded them to bravely downsize, purchase a brand new motorhome and travel for the next 10 years. They were never sorry and enjoyed every single day of this time they spent together. When they had satisfied their wanderlust, they settled in their Salem home where Lowell continued his painting, and took so much joy in doing home improvement, and spending time with his dearest Sandy. They would still travel, have dinner with family and friends and enjoy every single day they were together. A day did not pass without them telling each other how much they were loved. In the last 15 days of his life, Lowell was given yet one more blessing. He finally met his son Joey that he was told had died shortly after birth 59 years ago. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to meet in person, but through phone calls and the exchange of photos between Sandy and Joseph as Lowell was too ill to speak at that time. He was however very aware, and overcome with tears of joy. The circle was now complete.

Lowell was a kind and soulful man, who believed in God and the goodness that each of us can bring to this earth. He continually shared his kindness with his friends and family. He would even do an oil painting as a gift for an ill family member, make a beautiful carved frame for it and deliver it and hang it on the wall within 24 hour period. His heart was gentle and his spirit strong and he will be deeply missed by all of his family and friends, and especially his dearest wife, Sandy. His loss will be mourned, but his life will be celebrated and he will be kept alive in our thoughts and prayers until we all meet again. Lowell is survived by his wife Sandy, his children; Joseph Chastain of Fresno, California, Debbie Jurado of Puyallup, Washington, Lauri Oberhauser of Umatilla, Oregon, Randy Ness of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, Ricky Ness of Newman Lake, Washington, his step-son Eric Houger of Forest Grove, Oregon, his sister Barbara Sells of Valleyford, Washington, his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and many nieces, nephews and other family members. He was preceded in death by his parents, Wayne Ness and Hazel Blair, two sisters, Gloria Scissons and Shirley Glenn and his in-laws Elton Howland and Billie Cooley.

13 tribute candles have been lit

Candle lit by Lauri Campbell (Ness) I've always enjoyed our time together I just wish they would never end. I'm so thankful I was able to be with you in your final days. Our talk was like no other. As I listened and you talked about your life and the things you wished would have turned out different I knew you were preparing yourself. We will all have to stand alone and have only ourselves to answer for. He knows what's in our hearts. You've taught me so many things growing up but most of all you've taught me to be a good person and to care about others. We've had so many laughs and fun together. I'll never forget how excited you were when we caught those big trout. Or your head in that box of KFC when I drove over that old grain that washed across the road and how terrible the smell was. I will always cherish the special things you gave me because they were a part of you and each time I look at them I think of you and it brings a smile to my face. My daddy used this saw and made some wonderful things with it. It didn't matter if we were fishing or working on cars or going to yard sales and hoping Sandy wouldn't be upset with all the goodies we'd find , the things that had to go usually came by car load and would end up at the top of my barn. I was shocked when I went up there since it had been awhile. I looked around and said where did this all come from and then I remembered. I promised you I would always be there for Sandy when ever she needed me. When I had to leave your side and you looked at me with your wide open blue eyes and said you were going to be ok I knew deep down you were ready. I am so proud to say I'm your daughter. I love you dad

Candle lit by Ariel Ness My dearest grandfather, I wish I could have spent more time with you. I wish I could have visited more often. It hurts that dad and I barley visited last summer. I should have stayed there while dad went home. I was planning on coming up to your place in march for a few days during spring break. Now it's sad to say that I can't. Our house is filled with your artwork and I still have the painting we did together. They are all a memory of you. I miss how u used to joke around with dad and I. I'm sorry I didn't call more or keep in touch like I said I would. I remember when we painted at the kitchen table. You didn't want to sign it because You said it was my artwork. Even though we did it together. You have always put other people before yourself. I wish you were still here. I miss you so much and I love you dearly.

Candle lit by Staff at Crown Memorial Center Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by Devin Campbell I will always hold the memories that I got to spend with you in my heart, even though wile growing up i didn't get to see you often. I wish I could have gone on more fishing trips with you, like the time that me you and grandma went fishing on a boat and all you could catch were little baby fish. You hold nothing but great memories in everyone lives including mine. I love you Great Grandpa and I hope you have a great after life, I will always love you.

Candle lit by Pam Weisser Lowell was not only my cousin, but also my friend. He had a huge heart for his friends and family and cared very deeply for those who knew him. He would reach out and help anyone anytime they needed it. He was a very creative artist in so many different ways. Many people have enjoyed and still enjoy the fruits of his labor. He was always there to love and support me emotionally through my husband‘s illness and eventual death. Lowell will be truly missed. I love you, buddy.

Candle lit by Debbie Jurado Dad, My heart is hurt now. hard to believe your gone. I miss you so much! I miss your smile and the sound of your voice. I miss being able to hug you... I MISS YOU DAD!!! Love you so much...

Candle lit by Janice Kesler I want to say I have fond memories of this man. He loved his family and was a very talented man. I will cherish my table you painted for me of Mt Rainier. Your daughters loved you very much as did your family and friends. Im glad to of known you. You were full of adventures and loads of talent. My condolences to all of the family

Candle lit by Tricia Hart Heaven sure gained a special Angel when Lowell left this earth. I called him my friend and my buddy! I don't think there was anything that he could not do. He always took the worst looking thing that should have been thrown away and turn it into some kind of work of wonder. Lowell, your hands were just an extension of Gods hands. Your soul was beautiful, kind and loving and I feel blessed to have had your friendship. Our world is a little dimmer today and yet your friendship enriched my world. I will miss you my friend, to me, you truly were one a kind. You were in my mind, a Gentlemen's gentleman, thru and thru. Thank you Lowell for making my world a lot better to live in. God blessed you well my friend!

Candle lit by Denise & LeRon Howland Lowell has been our brother-in-law for over 40 years, married to our beloved sister (and his beloved wife), Sandy. During that time, we have come to know a man with the kindest and most gentle spirit, and the biggest heart. That big heart was worn on his sleeve much of the time, which would, at times, make him particularly vulnerable to hurtful things. But, that same big heart allowed him to be the first to forgive and extend a hand in hope for better times to come, and the first to help someone in need. Much of his kind spirit was reflected in his artwork, of which we are proud to say we have many of his art pieces in our home. These pieces will take on a whole new meaning as they will be reminders of a very personal connection with Lowell. Anytime Lowell did a piece of artwork for someone, it came from that big heart as a way to show his love and affection for the person for whom he did the piece. Godspeed, Lowell, on your journey to your well-deserved better place where there will be people who share your same kind and gentle spirit and big heart. Much love, Denise & LeRon

Candle lit by Joy Mathson Lowell was my brother-in-law. He was the likeable sort and one you could admire for his many talents. He was an artist and a craftsman. He loved fishing and boating. He could take any old, found object and make it in to something useful and pretty. He made awesome jewelry. He was married to his kindred spirit, Sandra. He left behind a lovely home and beautifully landscaped garden and all this, in spite of his many health issues over the years. His wife of 46 years was as devoted to him as he was to her. They were each other's best friends. Now that Lowell is gone he is missed every moment, every hour, every day. God bless you Sandra, may you heal as time goes on.

Candle lit by bobbie sells My brother was one of a kind. I will miss him very much.I loved himvery much. He will always be in my heart &mind

Candle lit by Sarah Ness I'm so happy that he is my grandpa. I'M HAPPY THAT I'VE Been able to know him. He means everything to me as my grandpa. He was the best grandpa in the world. He is nice, sweet, loving, and caring. I wish I could've been there when he was sick, even though I wasn't my soul was with him. When it came to the last week he was alive I started getting closer and closer to him in my heart. The day he died I was live on Instagram and my mom told me that he had just passed away. I started crying and my boyfriend and my whole family were there for me right by my side. It's weird how grandparents are suddenly dying but they're spirits will forever be heard on earth. I just want to say ``I love you so much grandpa``

Candle lit by Jennie lee I didn't know u all to well I wasnt ur favoret we never spent time together like u had with everyone else I guess I don't have a place in ur heart or memories since I was never there I made me a clock and painted it and a necklace like I said I wasn't important enough to have me in your memories but i prey u have a lovely after life in heaven bye grandfather