Gareld Scott Inloes

Date of birth: January 3 1938

Date of death: February 2 2019

A tribute to the life of Gareld “Gary” Scott Inloes, a loving husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, father-in-law, brother, uncle and friend to many.

Born January 3, 1938, a perfectly healthy baby in a Quinter, Kansas farm home, to Ted and Etta Mae Inloes.During his early years on the farm it was a simple but interesting life for Gary.He had three brothers and three sisters.

Archie was 25 years older and married to Helen Williams.They had 3 children...Delbert, Lola and Marlene.

Mel was 22 years older and married Evelyn Rich.They had 3 children...twins Dick & Dennis and Sandra.

Viola was 18 years older and married Del Boyer. They had 4 children...Diane, Gene, Bob and Brent.

Norma was 14 years older and married Gene Jones.They had 5 boys...Steve, Doug, Kent, Ted and Dennis.

Ted Jr. was 10 years older and married Inez Eatinger.They had 3 children... Linda, Tom and Randy.

Donna was 8 years older and married Lonnie Moseley.They had 4 children...Jerry, Sonja, Debbie and Jody.Vern Clopton was Donna’s second but #1 husband.

Times seemed very good as they never went hungry and he didn’t know much about the Great Depression and The Dust Bowl beginning 1929 to 1940...then World War II from September 1, 1939 to September 2, 1945.He did know about buying war bonds and gas and sugar rationing. He remembered sometimes the sky would be filled with military airplanes traveling west.This was very impressive, yet frightening.

Living in Quinter was not an easy life as the winters were harsh with cold heavy snow and dirt roads. Of course, they had no television, but did have a Philco radio run by a 6-volt car battery to hear the president speak of the war and Joe Louis boxing matches. He remembered going to Sunday school at the Brethren Church, as he knew and believed about Jesus at an early age.

In the summer of 1945, the family loaded a 1934 Ford 1½ ton truck and a 1940 Ford 2-door sedan and headed west to the big city of Ontario, Oregon. In the fall, he started the second grade at the Ontario Conklin Grade School and met a few kids, including Randy Bishop, who still remains a good friend.He became very fond of Ontario, that offered many things to do like going to the movies, riding his used “Lightning Flyer” bicycle that his dad was able to buy, playing football and basketball.

In 1952 at age 14, he moved from Ontario to Fruitland, Idaho, and enrolled in the 8th grade where the school day began with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag; then a chapter of the Bible was read by the teacher. His parents purchased a 15-acre ranch, eventually acquired 10 head of milk cows that they milked by hand morning and night. At age 15, he started smoking and was able to buy a case of beer at the Weiser, Idaho Safeway store.

During the summer of 1953 at age 15, he met a girl named Bonnie Jean Trussell. She was the very best person that he had ever met and she became his very best friend for life.He became the president of the class of 1956 for which he coordinated reunions for the next 62 years.He and Bonnie were married in the summer following graduation.

In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law the Federal Aid Highway Act. This allowed employment opportunities in building the Interstate Highway System.In December 1956, he received an offer to work in Hermiston, Oregon as an Aide I Rear chainman at $242/month.

He was transferred to LaGrande on October 31, 1957, with their first son, Scott Michael being born on June 6, 1958, and their second son, Bradley John being born on March 12, 1960. They were very proud parents.

While in LaGrande he advanced to Engr. Aide II and to Civil Engr. I, and in April 1961 they moved to Baker. They joined the United Methodist Church and met a lot of fine people.Bonnie, Scott and Brad were baptized in this church in April 1963. The bridge work in the Baker area was coming to an end, so they were transferred to Salem in November 1963. They purchased their first home for $15,000.

Over the years in Salem, he acquired a lot of good Highway Engineering experiences so in 1972 they moved to Astoria, Oregon, where he could be the Resident Bridge Engineer that was responsible for northwest section of Oregon. He and Bonnie led the church youth group for the boys, they continued to go camping/fishing and razor clam digging as a family. In 1976, Scott graduated and headed off the Oregon State to major in Chemical Engineering to be our first college graduate.

In 1977, they moved back to Salem, Oregon, as Gary took a job as the EEO & Labor Compliance Officer for the highway construction contractors. Brad completed high school in 1978 and headed off to Oregon State to major in Accounting with a minor in Computer Science.


Family starts to grow: He took great pride in every one of his extended family, often the highlights of his life.

1983 Scott married Luanne. They had two boys – Jordon (1990) and Erik (1992); 2018 Jordon & Kyle are married.

1984 Brad married Cindy. They had two children - Tyler (1985) and Sabrina (1987); Great Grandkids: Tyler & Danyelle had Arielle (2014) and Jonathan (2017); 2019 Sabrina to marry Clay Houseman


In 1992, Gareld retired from the State of Oregon Highway division after 35 years of service at 53 years old.His last position was the Utility & Approach Road Permit Supervisor (11 years).

In 1992 they moved to Tualatin and enjoyed many years there until they moved to Woodburn Country Meadows Village in 2018. Bonnie continued to work in Portland until 1995, and he walked her to and from the bus stop.They were known as the “walkers” of the neighborhood, often doing a few miles each day.He also enjoyed projects at the Tualatin Methodist Church, working with the trustees and attending various events.

Computers: He was always current on the latest computer technology, such that he led the Desert Aire computer club for 20 years, had Apple iPad, watch, computer and iPhone.We found that he still had multiple computers, printers and a CB radio.

Photography: Similar to computers, he often had the latest in video and photography equipment.We have hours of videos, thousands of digital, paper and slides that captured life’s events.

Gardening:He was known to keep a spotless yard and creatively landscape.He installed a hedge in the front yard to park the motor home behind, fish pond with an electric fence to keep out the raccoons, and finally decided artificial grass was the answer to not mowing the grass.

Travel: He and Bonnie traveled the US & Canada, including hundreds of tripsand 100,000 miles on their motor home.Many trips to the beach and most of the casinos from Washington to California. Some highlights: 1993 Inloes reunion in Ohio, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Fruitland; trips to Scott’s & Brad’s; and family trips to celebrate 50th anniversary – week in Washington DC/week in New York, Boston to Canada Cruise, 60th anniversary - Hawaiian Island Cruise.

Desert Aire Resort: For 20 years, Gary & Bonnie spent the winter in Indio, California, and created great friendships and memories.He was a member of the Building and Grounds group that built a new maintenance building with shop, shower, lunchroom and restroom; Golf Course design and layout; Computer Club weekly meetings (70 attendees); installed and maintained the Wi-Fi system; St. Patrick's Day beer garden runner and coordinator; pancake & steak dinner crew; many “Gary the Tool Man” presentations and photographer.

Entered eternal life – February 2, 2019.

Gareld (Gary) Scott Inloes

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Candle lit by Staff at Crown Memorial Center Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by Steven, Doug, Dennis Jones and extended Jones Family We will remember Uncle Gareld as a very fun guy who always had a smile on his face and a good joke to share. He and Bonnie visited our mother and father (Norma and Eugene) here in San Diego frequently. They spent many fun occasions together. Gareld and Bonnie even joined us for Christmas a couple years. We will all miss him and his warm, friendly and humorous presence.

Candle lit by Lyle Talle Our good neighbors just over the fence. We nick named Gary " Mr. Wilson" as we could just see each other over the fence. Had many discussions and good laughs. Never a dull moment when Gary and Bonnie were your guest. We will sure miss Gary and keep you in our prays.

Candle lit by Dianne Boyer Bean Gary was my favorite uncle. He was more like a cousin since he was only 5 years older than me. Gramma Inloes & Gary rode the bus from Kansas to Bremerton, WA for Gramma to help my mom when I was born. Grampa Inloes was so lost with her gone they had to just get back on the bus & go home. I also remember hanging out in the barn while he milked & he & Bonnie made wedding plans. He will be missed.

Candle lit by Shirley Williams Bonnie: I am so sorry for your loss. Tho I didn't know Gary well I will always remember him for his smile. I never saw a frown on his face. Your tribute was absolutely beautiful & told of things & accomplishments a lot of us didn't know. Shirley

Candle lit by Christine Carnefix Thomas Gareld will always be remembered for being our class of '56 Class President. Little did he realize when he became elected that it was "for life." Some years later when he was informed that he "as president of the class" he was responsible for organizing our reunions every three years, he accepted with good humor and skill. He will always be, very fondly, " Our class of '56 President!

Candle lit by Shay Jones I always liked Gerald as Kent did! He was a very funny guy! He dealt with life extremely well. He always had something fun to say! Bonnie take care. Gerald see you in heaven!