Karen Kessler Blasche

Date of birth: December 25 1944

Date of death: July 10 2019

An original Jamestown descendent. Karen began her life in Washington, DC, welcomed there by Jules and Vera Kessler. A precocious child, she was active in sports that included softball and golfing. She attended Beaumont HS in St Louis and S.E Missouri State College in Cape Girardo. In 1968, Karen moved to Hawaii where she met then First Lieutenant Ted Blasche on a blind date. They were married in March of the next year, and recently celebrated fifty years of life together.

Karen's accomplishments exceed the limits of this obituary. While in Kentucky, her love of horses afforded her a personal invitation to Clayborne Farms where she met and touched both Riva Ridge and Secretariat. As an officer's wife, during this same period, she received multiple awards and accolades for her charity work. Accompanying her husband to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point she was active in the university's environmental programs, a passion that continued for the rest of her life. A love of dogs, especially the Pointer breed, led her to become active in the American Pointer Club. There she served several terms as secretary and board member. Eventually nominated for the APC positions of historian and statistician, she became the club's longest serving officer, holding those positions for over three decades.

Karen's work history is as varied as her interests. Ted's assignments kept her in transition. Secretary in Chicago, Librarian at Fort Knox, Proof reader and editor at Fort Dix, Customer Fulfillment at Norm Thompson and Good Catalog Company in Oregon, are but a few.

Karen is survived by her husband Ted, Sister in Law Donna Kessler, Aunt Jayne Kessler Cousins Claire Wood, Sharon Kessler, Joan Grossmann, Barb Warneke, Mimi Hammack, Susan Kessler, Marilyn Paine and nephews/nieces too many to number.

Preceding her in death are parents, Jules and Vera Kessler, and her brother Douglas Kessler.

A service will be held at Willamette National Cemetery on Friday, August 2nd at 2:00pm.

Karen's expressed wishes give a true insight into her as a human being.

"Should anyone kindly feel the need to send flowers or some other means of connection, please don’t. I would be much happier knowing that if you wanted to plant a flower or bush or something you like and think of me when you see it, that would be wonderful. And should the spirit move you to make a donation somewhere, please make it a favorite charity of yours. No pressure to do any of those things, just if you want to. I’d be honored."

33 tribute candles have been lit

Candle lit by Staff at Crown Memorial Center Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by Lorrie and Dave Ford It was many years ago when I was working on the first issue of Pointer Points that I got to know Karen. She was kind enough to help me with her vast knowledge of everything to do with pointers. We're so very sorry for your loss Ted. Lorrie and Dave

Candle lit by Dawn Meller Your love and support has enriched my life for many years, I love you Karen and will miss you always, but know you are now Gods angel taking care of all the beautiful pointers. Love and Light.- Love to you Ted.

Candle lit by Marjorie Martorella I have so many wonderful memories of our visits and trips together. You have been a wonderful friend for so many years. I will miss you, Karen.

Candle lit by April santicola My deepest sympathy, Ted! What an amazing tribute!

Candle lit by Gaye Dunlop RIP Karen

Candle lit by Sandy Gunn As lucky as you were to have a life with Karen, so she was lucky to have you Ted.

Candle lit by Ted Blasche You will always be the love of my life, the anchor I needed to survive, and my greatest source of inspiration and support. I'll never be as good, as kind, or as courageous as you, but I'll try.

Candle lit by Izetta Patterson I'm so sorry Ted for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time in your life.

Candle lit by Susan Bleckley A single word comes to mind when I have thoughts of Karen. She was the “dearest” person I knew.

Candle lit by Marva Petrequin and Deborah Harper Your light will always be bright Karen...a kind, generous, and loving woman. We will miss your beautiful soul.

Candle lit by Marilyn Paine We love you, Beautiful Cousin Marilyn & Ashley

Candle lit by Cherie Jagerski Duddridge Sending love to you from Dad and Mom.

Candle lit by Megan Goodwin I didn't know you well, but your love of the Pointer is well known. RIP

Candle lit by Georgie MacGinnitie Blackwood There are no words to soothe the loss, and while I never met Karen, I have known Ted for close to 60 years. We were lab mates in school at Geneva College and our history weaves in and out over time. The happiness they brought to each other is always visible, as they brought glue to each other’s eminence. Ted & Karen remind me of a quote by Leo Tolstoy, “he felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began.’ She was indeed, his missing half, the mirror to his soul, his soul mate. Her spirit will never die; it shines like the stars and lives in your heart.

Candle lit by Angela Schillereff Wonderful memories of a life well lived. Our thoughts and prayers to you Ted and Katen's extended family.

Candle lit by Valerie Stern Karen was the most genuine, kind and compassionate person I've ever met. Truly one of God's angels on earth.

Candle lit by Pam Waitman Karen, your kindness and quick wit will never be forgotten; your generosity set a bar we should all aspire to reach. I can only imagine the excited pack waiting for you at The Bridge. <> to you, Ted.

Candle lit by Patty LIllesand Karen, thank you for all of your work and dedication to the Pointer breed, and to being friend and mentor to me and so many others.

Candle lit by Debbie Ragain I have so many great memories of the time when we were stationed together at Fort Knox.

Candle lit by Jimmie Yerger Farewell Karen, a kind person that I had the pleasure of meeting!

Candle lit by Barbara Paterick My deepest sympathy to you, Ted. That tribute was beautiful; sorry I never got to meet Karen.

Candle lit by Kriszti ❤️ Rest in peace and freedom Christmas Girl

Candle lit by Helen McCready

Candle lit by Nancy Mori I will forever remember Karen's kindness. She was a one of a kind person. She will be greatly missed.

Candle lit by Susan Savage Karen,I will miss all the many hours we spent searching Pointer history, talking about trips to and from the many National you planned for you and Ted. I promise to continue what you have started.

Candle lit by Nancy Tuthill Karen, the pointer breed is emptier without you as it the world entire.

Candle lit by Joyce Skrob I'm so proud that I got to know you and have you as a dear friend. I have so many good memories and a sincere appreciation for all that you did for all of us. You will be missed. I wish you all the best Ted!

Candle lit by John and Alice Gunn We were fortunate to meet Karen & Ted in 1969 at Fort Dix. Karen was so kind to us and was such a welcoming person. Plus, she had a great sense of humor that you couldn't anticipate. OOOOH the laughs we all had !! Ted, our sincerest sympathies, John & Alice

Candle lit by Sara & the Staff of Frontier Veterinary Hospital What an impressive tribute to a life well spent. Karen, your passion for Pointers and your and Ted's commitment to your own dogs health and well-being is inspiring. Clients like you are the reason we all came to the veterinary profession!

Candle lit by Donna Kesslee I will miss Karen forever. She was more a sister than sister-in-law. We talked politics, baseball and life in general. Sometimes we'd just vent! She so loved her family and always appreciated Ted. Great memories always.

Candle lit by Tom & Dee Bennett Karen, You were my phone friend for some difficult years! I loved you could include me in your friendship, understanding and grace! I love we remained friends and expanded that group to husbands and other family members! We had each other for bad times and good times! Will miss you Karen!

Candle lit by Christine J. Karen will be missed. She was always present and in the moment with a strong kind spirit felt by us. Our warmest thoughts go to Ted.