Dakota Lee Sherman

Date of birth: May 30 1997

Date of death: August 10 2019

Dakota was born on May 30, 1997 and passed away on August 10, 2019.

67 tribute candles have been lit

Candle lit by Alexis mattson I remember the times where are used to come over and hang out with Zach your brother and hang out with you and Haley I miss those days Rest In peace Dakota you’ll definitely be missed i’m sorry for your loss

Candle lit by Nick Vazquez Our prayers are with you and our most sincere and deep condolences to you and your family, Lee. We are so sorry for your loss.

Candle lit by Tesla LaGrave I love you Dakota, you will be forever missed. R.I.P brother.

Candle lit by Auntie Lisa A sweet soul took way too soon. We love you & miss you. I know Uncle Curt is takin’ you wheeling up there & will keep you busy until we meet again.

Candle lit by Staff at Crown Memorial Center Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by Mandie Brown

Candle lit by Jennifer Stubblefield Thank you for always putting a smile on my face when i saw you and being an amazing friend and brother to Dakota. You will never be far away and a great guardian angel to many. ❤️

Candle lit by Michael Lex My cousin, My Brother, My Friend... This isn’t goodbye this is a see you later buddy. You were my best friend and even as we grew older and got a little bit of a gap between us at the end of the day we both knew we always had eachother, as I sit here and regret not spending more time together I know you’ll always be with me even if your not actually here. Keep the beer cold, fire warm, and save me a fatty for the time we reunite and can share our stories and jokes just like we always would. Love you dude, rest easy and save me a spot around that fire

Candle lit by James Green Love and miss you D, loved your fun personality I watched you grow into made everyone join in.

Candle lit by Danielle Buss He was an amazing friend and had such a good heart.

Candle lit by Dominique So sorry for your loss...! He's now pain free and at peace.. Just remember he'll always be with you in spirit watching and protecting you! ❣️❤️❣️ RIP Dakota ☹️❤️

Candle lit by Stacey McIntyre Sweet boy rest in peace

Candle lit by Zach Firkus I love you forever brother thank you for all of the amazing memories from our youth to now! never forgotten , Rest In Peace.

Candle lit by Stacy Genise Ill forever remember your kind sweet soul. Say hi to Dom for me ❤

Candle lit by Leo You were one of the kindest most generous people I’d ever met you will be missed.❤️ rest in paradise

Candle lit by Sandi King Prayers for the family during this difficult time. He will be watching out for you from above

Candle lit by Dale Guerry You were a great young man. You always had a smile, and spirit that everyone should have. You will be greatly missed.

Candle lit by Mayvonne Miller My deepest sympathy to all the families.....

Candle lit by Niki You will be missed greatly bud

Candle lit by Cameron davis You were an amazing friend to me and everyone who knew you. You are missed very much. I love you brother, rest easy up there.

Candle lit by Jennifer Hughes You will be missed

Candle lit by Bret and Judy Holden So glad I got a chance to meet you during our camping trip. Bret has known you your whole life. You have should a beautiful soul. Rest well young man.

Candle lit by Jerome Hillerich I’m so sorry for your loss Sister

Candle lit by Jacy You were such a sweet and kind soul. You were a fun person to be around. You will be forever missed by so many. Thank you for being in my life even if it was a short period of time❤

Candle lit by Stephanie Meadows My sincerest sympathies to you both and your family for the loss of your beautiful son.

Candle lit by Jamie Corral I was lucky to have known you and to have grown up with you. You were an amazing friend and touched so many hearts. You will be missed!

Candle lit by Duwayne Your happiness and love radiated thru all of us and will continue to even after you're gone. Loved and missed by many. Find peace whever you are.

Candle lit by Gina Amirhakimi You will be missed. I miss your smiling face at Chevron.

Candle lit by Betsy Sanders I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending all my love to you and your family. Rest In Peace Dakota, You will be dearly missed.

Candle lit by Amber and Tony middleton You will be missed by many bud

Candle lit by Alexis Rest in peace Dakota We had great times together with your brother Zack and Haley can’t believe you’re gone already

Candle lit by Uncle Kevin Miss you bud

Candle lit by Darlene Thank you for coming into our life Dakota. You were an angel on earth now you are one of God's angel. We will truly miss you. Love you always

Candle lit by Dakota Stubblefield You were more then a friend for me and any person who needed it. We became brothers and we always will be till the day we meet again D we all miss you buddy.

Candle lit by Kathy Vigil Teri & Lee we’re so very sorry for your loss. Our deepest sympathy and prayers for you and your family.

Candle lit by Karen I am so sorry for your loss. It was God who needed him in heaven.

Candle lit by Rachel Silva Love and prayers ro your entire family!

Candle lit by Amber seaman You were one awesome kid and will be missed by many untill we meet again bud

Candle lit by Alexis Rest in peace Dakota Sherman I remember the times when I hung out with your brother Zach and I hung out with you and Haley we all had great times together you’ll definitely be missed rest in peace ☮️ It breaks my heart to see you gone sorry for your loss prayers are in the air

Candle lit by Tabitha Dakota I love you so much and I’m so lucky to have had the time I did with you. I am forever grateful for the love you showed me and my son. I’m glad we got matching tattoos, you will forever be in my heart. Save me a seat at the fire buddy. I’ll be there soon.

Candle lit by Amy Dakota, you were such an incredible man with a beautiful soul. You had brought laughter into our lives. Thank you for being such an incredible uncle to the boys. Your smile your laughter and your kind heart will be missed.

Candle lit by Savannah seaman Wow i dont evem know where to start i cant believe this is true that u are gone u will be missed so so much love you bro see u on the other side

Candle lit by Sarai You will forever be missed !!! love and miss you dakota...... your a beautiful angel now .❤️ RIP you’ll forever be missed and never forgotten! Prayers !!!!

Candle lit by Lindsey Dakota, you will always be one of the most pure, genuine souls I’ve ever met. I will carry our memories and good times together forever. You’ll always be in my heart. I love and miss you very much. I’m so glad to have called you one of my best friends and like family. Fly high, Dakota. Always with me.

Candle lit by Darrin Gilbert You will be missed. And thank you for joining me at the bar the other day as i set and remembered you. When i first showed up at the bar it was really cloudy as i wad waiting on the coors light i got you to get really cold. As i set there and cryed for at least 3 hrs i noticed that you had cleared the clouds away and the sun was shining. Thank you brother for letting me know you are doing good. Hold down a spot for me ok cause ill be coming your way when our father calls me home. Love you RIP

Candle lit by Austen Tweed We miss you so much. I don’t really know what to say I can’t believe you’re gone things won’t be the same. Till next time bro

Candle lit by Hannah miller

Candle lit by Noah Martinez Rest in paradise brother

Candle lit by Ashley Garcia You became more than just my redneck friend, you became family to me, I’ll forever keep your name in my heart and life. It was a honor to have met someone so open and accepting of everyone’s different backstories. You were a true legend, Sherm. I’ll keep my flag flying high for you. I love and miss you so much D

Candle lit by Maria and Steven Cups up for Dakota! Much love for u and your family! Fallen not forgotten!!! Hold that chair in the VIP I will see u there till the next time !! CUPS UP

Candle lit by Christy Dakota, you were such an amazing person to so many people. You will truly be missed and in our hearts for ever. I will always remember the smile you had on your face and how truly sweet you were. I’m so sorry your loss. May he rest easy.

Candle lit by Austin Noe Dakota I've known you more than ten years. I've seen you grow into a remarkable young man. It is unfortunate you are gone. You are truly missed.

Candle lit by Jessica Dakota was an amazing soul inside and out. I'm deeply going to miss you! I am so grateful for the time I was able to spend with you although I wish there was more. I'll always cherish those moments. Love you so much! Keep smiling down on us ❤

Candle lit by Christy (Texas) So sorry for your loss. You will forever be in my prayers. Love y'all.

Candle lit by Christina

Candle lit by Alexa Dakota, you are such an amazing man. You always brought a smile to my face. I am beyond grateful for the memories that I got to share with you. I miss you so much. Take it easy D. I love you.

Candle lit by Beth Daniels A young life gone way too soon. We will never get the answer to our question of "Why?" But times like this, bring us to the cross. To our knees. Break us to our core. Then somehow, the healing begins and we start to go on. Dakota's life has and will continue to touch many lives. He will not be forgotten. Rest in peace.

Candle lit by Doug You'll be missed...

Candle lit by Jordan Jorgensen Your loss has been felt by many. This only shows the impact you’ve left on this world and others. You where loved and you loved deeply. Dakota you will be missed. Thank you for all the stupid funny conversations I’ve had with you. Even after high school. Thanks for being a person who always acknowledged me and took the time to talk. The world lost a good soul but heaven gained one. Rest in piece friend. ❤️❤️❤️

Candle lit by Janae Rest in peace Dakota... I will always remember seeing your face in school and your gentle smiles and hellos..

Candle lit by Danielle Green You were loved by so many and missed by so many.. Love you D. Going to miss you and your happy self. . Love you little bro. Watch over everyone..

Candle lit by Lisa Lara Your bright smile and laugh will be missed deeply.

Candle lit by Keri I couldn't have asked for a better friend for my girls, thank you for always looking out for them. You had an amazing spirit, and always had a smile, you will be deeply missed, my prayers go out to your family and friends

Candle lit by Mom Dakota Lee, I miss you so very much. I miss your laugh, funny sayings. Hearing your music as you walk in the from work. Rest in Love. Love Mom

Candle lit by Alan Worden Hey D, I have watched you grow into a young man. You had a great sense of humor and were always there to lend a hand no matter how hard the job was. You will be greatly missed and forever loved. Miss you buddy. Love Alan

Candle lit by Justice Du Val You were such a bright soul, and always knew how to make everyone laugh. Rest In Peace Dakota, you will be missed. ❤️

Candle lit by Katie Matson I am so sorry for your loss. May his light shine forever bright in the hearts that he touched!!