Brad Lee Morgan

Date of birth: September 7 1990

Date of death: January 25 2012

He was mighty, he was a soldier. He was a knight in shining armor. He was everything his girl wanted him to be even if she didn’t realize it. He was a Father, a brother, and a son. He was family, he was a friend, he was loved. He was happy, he was amazing, he is missed. We are all lost without him. He is and will always be, Brad Lee Morgan. My one and only brother that I'll ever need and ever want. Someone took him away from me and everyone he knew, know we will cherish the legacy and memories he has left behind for people to witness. He is who he is and who he was. He was a miracle, to me, and everyone around him. He was a gift and he was way higher than anyone I have ever known. He surpassed most people in knowledge and in respect. He was highly thought of, admired, and we will all hold him dear to our hearts. We all miss you.

...a message from his sister

32 tribute candles have been lit

Candle lit by Staff at Crown Memorial Center Our sincere condolences.

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Candle lit by shelly hall-morgan i just wanted to say hi there brad lee morgan we love and miss you you may be gone but you will never be forgotten love brad i also wanted you to know that your son kannon loves you 2

Candle lit by Maggie To a awesome and amazing young man brad I miss you

Candle lit by cody hi brad lee morgan i miss you alot you were my cousin and you were a very awesome skateboard rider

Candle lit by aj

Candle lit by honanna mevichette i just wanted to say that i will always remenber our very first kiss we were in school in north marion elementary school it was on valentinesday we were all giving out our valentines cards i just wanted to say that you were a very special friend to me and my dad really liked you i will always love you brad you were my first love so you will always live in my heart with all our good memories foreveer and always alive love you honanna mevichette

Candle lit by vinny hey brad i just wanted to that you were an amazing dude and that we went to school together we celerbrated our birthsdays together we were born on the same day same time but at different hospitals and we wieghted the same we have different parents but we were friends and it really hurt when you were taken away love vinny

Candle lit by gary brad we miss you alot you had alot of talent and you taught me alot

Candle lit by the leard family brad you were family and we miss you so much

Candle lit by Barbara Brad just letting you that I will always have you in my heart for ever and always love you

Candle lit by sissy Hi Brad, I chose a red candle for two reasons. 1. It was one of your favorite colors 2. the color for candles means "Energy, Strength, Passion, Courage," which all describes you. Brad I miss you soooo much. Im torn apart and dead inside without my best friend here anymore.

Candle lit by karrie Brown I'm glad we were best friends in school I miss you so much

Candle lit by James Brad I was so hurt when I heard it was. You I just wanted to say I will always have you in my heart with all our good memories to hold . On to forever and

Candle lit by A H Brad you meant a lot to me I wish we could 've taken the time learn more about each other and I wish I lis listen ed to my heart when you asked me out I didn't know you very well but I know that when you sat down with my dad and he asked you if you could rebuild a 1976 motor for a corvette you said let's do it we cried when we heard love alley

Candle lit by torie I'm you so much brad I just wish we could've hooked up

Candle lit by #sr Brad you are missed very much

Candle lit by Larry and mary Chilton Brad we really miss you so much

Candle lit by g m Brad I will miss you very much you were very awesome and I will always remember the first time I asked you if you could come over and help me and you jumped up and said hello yeah I will be there at noon brad lee morgan rip in peace bro

Candle lit by desatany hi there its been 2years now that u have been gone i cant believe its been that long since u left us all behind we love u and miss u so much brad the b-rad

Candle lit by bailey young my best my homie im so sad that we cant talk any more i cant express my feelings as well as my family and friends brad lee morgan you werent just a good frined to me but you were a mentor as well you are the one who taught me how to write my poems you wre the frist one that i would go to a school i can only hold on to all the good things you have shown me thrugh the years and i will try to write a book for your family and for your son so they can have those memories as well god brad i miss you so dang much rip my friend and you will live on in me forever and always your friend baily

Candle lit by megan stilts here there brad i just wanted to say that i miss you so much these days if want to see your face i close my eyes and there you are like we use to do we were at the movies with your little sis and we watched transformers and had a blast i wish we all 3 could do that again love ya man miss ya a hella lot megan stilts

Candle lit by crsytal well brad you a arainbow now and you are every where i really miss you crsytal

Candle lit by lyndsey god bless you friend Rest In Peace Brad i will be here for your family

Candle lit by greg brad you were a very amazing friend i remember when we first time we met we were just starting daycare and your mom was pregant with your baby sitter and you wanted me to play with cxars and trains i miss you alot even when i thimk of you i always rermember the good times we had R I P my best freind brad

Candle lit by shelby ih drab em ssik tesr ni ecaep i evol ssim uoy tola i tndlouc evileb taht rouy eong dog si gnidloh rouy dnah

Candle lit by Brad lee morgan we all love and miss you so much

Candle lit by mom ji there brad its been 4 yrs since you been gone and i miss you alor i just wanted to just say i love you so much youe mom

Candle lit by Vinny This candle light is for you because you were my very first friend from day one

Candle lit by Maria Cahill Justice for Brad

Candle lit by Hannha Brad Lee Morgan I will always cherish every memory we had the friendship we made while in day care our mother S were both pregnant brad I will always love you there is no one day that I don't think of you

Candle lit by Shelly Hall Hi my handsome son it's been 7 yrs since you been gone I think of you all the time I wish you were still love brad .om